Still Rolling….

We had a bit of fun this week with a few different outings. On Monday morning we strapped on our skies and climbing skins and hauled a 45 lbs backpack a few kilometers up to Lac Baillargeon in the bright sun.

progression_day (2)

Then, in the afternoon we went to see our new K-9 friends for some more dog-sledding.

dogsled (1) photography (2)

On Thursday night there were too many clouds to see the stars, so we practiced our nocturnal photography skills


Dog sledding and beautiful nights!

This week we had a few theory courses which kept us inside. For our Client Experience class we had the nice treat to go dog sledding.

Sunny day Waiting in line Through the treesWe also spent an evening outside looking at the stars during Interpretation of the Sky.


I’m Back…..

So, 2015 is here and we are back in class. Our new classes for the winter semester are: Stage Preparation (Co-op), The Guide and the Client Experience, and The Adventure Tourism Environment. Later in the winter we will be completing our Avalanche Safety 2 course (Canadian Avalanche Association)  and going on a 5-day expedition. In the spring we will take a 5-day Rafting Course! I am looking forward to another great semester in Adventure Tourism.


Once the weekend came around there was time for a little trip to Murdochville for some snowboarding at Mont Miller. Let the winter begin!


4- Day Sea Kayaking Trip

Another week behind us and this time the other half of the group got to go sea kayaking for four days.


We got to see a few waves of three metres tall at Ile Bonaventure.


Good surf at Perce Rock, and we practiced our rescues with a colony of seals at Ile Plat. Excellent way to spend four days.


School begins

Welcome to my blog! I am back for the second year in the Adventure Tourism Program and I am stoked.

Summer and its adventures have come to a close with the first week back in class. But, what would be a good way to kick off the new school year? How about whale watching? Sounds like a plan!

Week two and Gaspe still feels like home. Everyone is starting to get back into the rhythm of things and we get to spend a day out in the canoes before a beach party the next day.

For the third week, on Monday, half the group got to go sea kayaking and brush up on our skills for the upcoming expedition. The other half of the group spent the day at the beach learning about the sea in interpretation class.

perce 1perce2




This week saw the group split in half as one part had their kayak expedition in the area of Perce. The rest of us had but one TTA class this week which was interpretation. This meant spending the morning at the beach checking out what life we can find.


blog 1

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Rescue Canada 5-day Swiftwater course

This Thursday and Friday we went out to the river for White Water Rescue. There was still snow on the banks but we were not deterred. We swam the rapids practice throwing throw bags and rescue techniques and even went rafting for one of the days. It was pretty awesome.


Enjoying the day


Rafting the lower York


Live bait rescue




WW swimming


WW swimming


WW swimming


Throwbag rescue


Hazard and Risk Assessment

Backcountry Skiing Expedition

This week we left Thursday, while the rest of the school was closed because of a snowstorm, for our backcountry ski expedition after making a good group decision. In the end the sun came out and we spent a great day at Champs de Mars.

The group blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7During the trip we camped at camping Mont Albert and had a bascecamp  kitchen left for us by the franco students.
The second day everyone was pumped up so we did all 4 laps at Champs de Mars.
The final day we went to Hog’s Back’s east aspect for two excellent runs including our evaluation. Spring skiing is sweet!